Sharing about ART

In our art unit we have been looking at POP ART.

Grade 3 students researched artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Parvis Tanavoli – developing their concept of what defines pop art and what makes each artist’s contribution unique.

Many students saw a connection between our study of pop art and an artist they had learned about in Grade 2 – Yayoi Kusama. During our Bring & Share time this week the topic is art and some students chose to share their Kusama-inspired paintings from last year.

We love it when learning connects and continues across units and across grades.

Bring & Share is an excellent opportunity for students to practice their presentation and communication skills. As we share our own personal interests or aspects of ourselves, this also grows our community.



Field Trip to the Kobe Harbour.

On Thursday we took a boat tour around the Kobe Harbour on the Kobe ‘Fantasy’ Sea Bus.

We asked our students to look what structures and/or features they saw on the tour and to consider why Kobe has these. We are beginning #TuningIn to our unit on #HowWeOrganiseOurselves which promises to be an exciting one!

After our boat trip we enjoyed lunch in Meriken Park.



Thanks to our Intern Ms. Marieke Tornus for the photographs!

What’s your spirit animal?

Something Grade 3 is really excited about at the moment is designing their own Totem Poles!
The First Nation people use totem poles as a way to express their beliefs and values as well as to tell the stories of their tribes. We learned that the animals carved into the poles represent qualities like bravery, wisdom or loyalty.
We decided what qualities we valued in ourselves and what animals we could use to represent them.
We then did an initial design of a 2D totem pole in our creative journals.
In a linked maths study of 3D shapes, we are learning how to build different types of prisms out of lego. We constructed the 3D shapes required to build our totem pole.
Then we mapped out these 3D shapes onto a paper template and created the ‘building blocks’ of our totem poles.
And in an Art unit we studied First Nation art styles and drew our animals onto our blocks.
Here are some of the final products:
What story do you think these totem poles are telling about the values and beliefs of their creators?


What do we value?

Our current Unit under the theme of #WhoWeAre is an inquiry into how our beliefs and values impact the choices we make.

During the #TuningIn stage of our inquiry, students spent time reflecting on what is important to them. They created ‘heart maps’ to visually represent the things they valued.

Moving into a stage of #FindingOut, groups of students watched videos like this one or this one. Each group shared what they had learned from their own clip about beliefs and values and the impact they have on someones actions and choices.

Here are some of our observations (more to come as we keep exploring):